Case Study: Evidence Based Fitness

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Evidence Based Fitness

Evidence Based Fitness is a virtual training and nutritional analysis company. They work with their customers through online meetings to go over your physical fitness and your diet. They can help with your diet intake by connecting to your fitness app. They will customize a training and diet plan tailored to you. They can even review your current physical training routines and give feedback on what you are doing right and what you need to change.
EB Fitness needed a new website that would allow customers to make appointments online and to be able purchase their services. Customers can also fill out a form to get more information about EB Fitness and even request information about having EB Fitness come and speak to their company or organization.
We were able to build a new site that is responsive for all devices and built in an online appointment system. Customers can go to the site and select what day and time they want and EB Fitness will contact them and discuss their fitness and diet needs. We selected the Amelia plugin to handle the appointments along with online calendar synchronization. When a customer makes an appointment, employees of EB Fitness will get an email notifying them of a pending appointment and they can go in and approve them. The appointment will automatically be placed on the employees online calendar so they will have access to the customer’s information on their smartphones.
Being a maintenance plan customer of Jordan Web Solutions, EB Fitness has access to Gravity Forms for all of their contact forms. We used Gravity Forms to create the contact us form and the speaking information form. When a customer fills out the form, EB Fitness will get an email with the request and we also save the information to the website database as a backup.
Future stages of the website development will include a customer testimonial page containing before and after photos along with more detailed pages on all of their services.
For more information on our maintenance plans and/or a new website design, please feel free to contact us and set up an appointment.

  • I want to thank you for the work you did building us a new website. We are very pleased. The site looks so good. We are proud to call it our’s. I appreciate how agreeable you were to work with. You didn’t make us feel dumb because we knew so little about what we were doing. Thanks for that. Our new website is going to serve us for years to come. Once again, thank you.

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