Cade Study: CAD Trainer Guy

May 14, 2022 | Blog, Case Studies

CAD Trainer Guy

CAD Trainer Guy is run by Michael Beall. Beall provides training for AUTO Cad along with CET Training to companies and organizations all over the world. Beall needed a new website design to help in promoting his services. His old site was not responsive and was outdated. It also contained a calendar that was a little difficult to keep updated. Anytime he needed to add dates, he would need to go in and add them manually as well as remove any dates that had already passed.
After meeting with Beall, we decided to go with a new design and add a calendar plugin that would automatically removed previous training dates once they had past as well as adding some basic e-commerce functionality to allow him to sell his tips and tricks book for AUTO Cad.

The Events Calendar

For the calendar functionality, we installed The Events Calendar so that he could go in and dates to the training calendar like you would an online calendar. Since we were using Divi as the theme for the new site, we also added Divi Events Calendar plugin which allowed us to style the events on the calendar to keep with the branding of the site but also allowed the site to only publish upcoming events with no longer needing to go into the site and remove them after the training was completed.


We then added WooCommerce so that he could sell his book online and process payments for it through PayPal. We looked at a couple of other options but WooCommerence gave us everything we needed to get the results we needed.
Overall we gave the site a new refreshed look with better functionality.

For more information on our maintenance plans and/or a new website design, please feel free to contact us and set up an appointment.


  • I was most impressed that Darrell was able to take the pages from my website and get them to a point where we could take the next step to refine the pages to my ideas. I was very happy with his response to my suggestions and requests on various components of the page; images, text, etc.

    After updating my site, he took some time to show me how to do my own editing and use the tools he put into place. Kudos, Mr. Jordan!

  • Darrell was extremely creative, he had a lot of ideas for my website, which was fantastic because I didn't really know what was possible, or what exactly I wanted. He filled in a lot of gaps! He was also extremely patient with me, since I am not as tech savvy as some. I would definitely work with him again!

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