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The three parts of your online presence

Oct 20, 2021Blog

Three parts of your Online Presence

What parts make up your online presence?
Is it just your website?
Well if so, then you are only a third of the way there. You have more tools at your disposal for your online presence.

Three parts of your Online Presence

  • Website
  • Google My Business
  • Social Media


Your website is the front door of your online presence but you need the other parts also to make sure you are getting your business out in front of everyone. Your website will give your business credibility. When people search for something online, they want to find a website that gives them the information they are looking for. They will follow up on your social media accounts but they are looking for your website.
Websites are also the main thing that you can optimize for search engines like Google. You can add the information behind the scenes that search engines collect to make your site more visible.
Your website is also a lead magnet. You can add functionality to your website that will allow you to collect names and email addresses of those visiting your website so you can contact them at a later time. This allows you to start building a relationship with your potential customers.

Google My Business

Do I need a Google My Business account

But you can’t stop with just your website. When people search for your site, the first thing you really want them to see is your Google My Business profile. Google My Business is something you can create in Google that gives visitors a quick and easy way to get information about your business.
You can put your basic contact information along with hours you are open and any other information you want visitors to see. Your customers can also leave you reviews about your business there and you can respond to them. This will also allow you to build relationships and trust with your customers.

Do I need a Facebook Page Do I need an Instagram account Do I need a Twitter Account

Social Media

The final piece of your online presence is social media. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even TikTok, you want to have a presence on social media. Social media is where your customer can also get to know your business even more. You can build your brand awareness and also stay in front of your customers.
The more you can post to social media, the more your customers will see your business. Social media also gives you links back to your website which will build your awareness in search engines and give your site a boost in searches.
But which social media platforms do you need to use?
Whichever one you feel your potential customers are most likely to be on. You can do some research on who your customer is and find the right media platform to use.
For example, as of July 2021, the Statista Research Department found that 9.4 percent of total active Facebook users worldwide were women between the ages of 18 and 24 years, while male users between the ages of 25 and 34 years constituted the biggest demographic group on the social media platform.
Once you find the platform used most by your potential customers, then you can focus your efforts on that platform but don’t ignore the rest. You want to maintain a presence on more than one but you can focus your efforts on the one that will get you the most benefit.
Once you get all three parts of your Online Presence in place, you will have covered all of the bases for your online presence and get the best visibility for your customers to find you online. If you would like assistance in setting any of these up, feel free to book a call with us for a free consultation.

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