3 Keys For Successful Email Marketing

Feb 19, 2020 | Blog

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Today we have a guest writer. Travis Sallee owns My Email Income Expert and talks about what makes a good email marketing campaign. 

Email is a great tool for connecting with customers. It is a low-cost, time-efficient method to push your message far and wide to your audience. People are checking their emails Multiple Times Per Day!
Email leads the digital marketing world with an average ROI of $40 for every $1 spent.
More than 60% of customers (those 25 or older in particular) would prefer to be contacted by brands via email. Adobe “Email Use 2017 – US Report” (2018)
So what are the keys to a successful email campaign?

1. Deliverability

The first and biggest key to success is making it to your readers Primary Inbox. If you end up in their promotion or spam folders, you are losing!
One of the best ways to improve deliverability is to ask your readers to respond to your introduction emails. Most email programs will automatically move your messages to the primary inbox if they respond to email sent to them.

2. Triggers

You must trigger certain emotional responses from your readers. They must feel that there is a sense of importance and urgency to the message you are sending.
It starts with an effective subject line to increase open-rates. Effective copywriting is key to triggering the emotions that you want them to feel. Selling a workout program? Your reader must feel that there is a need for personal improvement and that without help they wont be able to succeed.

3. Call to Action

A clear Call to Action is the last and arguably THE MOST IMPORTANT. Do not confuse your reader by making it to their inbox, triggering a need to respond, and then making it confusing on what they should do.
When making a Call to Action, I like to put it at the beginning AND end of my emails. This way you can reach those who react immediately as well as those who react after reading the entire message.


Deliverability, Triggers, and Call to Action. With these 3 Keys in place, your email marketing will be setup for success.

  • I’ve worked with Darrell for nearly 7 years. He has hosted several of my business websites, and I have recommended him to several family members and friends. He is professional, and very accessible, which is important when you need help with a business website. Much better than working with a large, faceless corporation.

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